Friday, January 05, 2007

Mville meri comes to visit!!

The best day of my Christmas holidays this year was when Lady Blue of 10 Yellow fame came and had a day with me in Sydney! Her family were in Australia for a visit, and she called me up to say she was in town - so we had a day cruzing round the city, hitting Darling Harbour, riding ferries, monorails, buses etc - before ending up at Auburn and the movies that night. My dad had his first chance to meet a real PNGn (he was so disappointed not to be able to visit himself, it was excellent to be able to introduce him to one of my girls 'in real life'!) and I got to show off the places where I grew up. But the highlight of the day definitely had to be Luna Park - with Blue laughing at me as my face turned red and then green after being thrown around on rides I'm definitely way too old to go on these days! So great to have her here in my place for a day - gutpela meri stret - mi hamamas tru long lukim yu long ples bilong mi.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Trip back home

Delphine, another gorgeous girl who also gave me the gift of her beautiful skirt. I felt so honoured! Posted by Picasa

return to ples bilong mi - July 2006

The real reason I went back - to see my girls! Posted by Picasa

With Janet - I was beaming to see her come second in the competition, and had tears in my eyes when she presented me with her winning skirt. I proudly wore it to school for Book Week when I got back to Sydney. Posted by Picasa

Those Simbus are always gorgeous! Posted by Picasa

Miss Gulf, at the Mville Cultural Show Posted by Picasa

One of the masked men at the festival Posted by Picasa

in Rabaul, where I went for the Mask Festival Posted by Picasa

Pia's sister, nephew and niece - otherwise known as Little Larissa! Posted by Picasa

Pia and I at Laloata Island Resort, July 2006 - my first night back in PNG Posted by Picasa