Tuesday, October 05, 2004

World Teachers Day

Well, in one of those strange PNG moments, I'm currently celebrating World Teachers Day by having a day off school, as voted by the majority of the staff in a last-minute staff meeting on the first day back after holidays yesterday! Most of the rest of the teachers have gone to the stadium in Moresby for football and other sports - me, I chose to sleep in instead.

I'm planning on going in to the Aussie High Comm later on in the day to have my say in the Federal Election, and meantime was playing around on the net, checking emails - and was inspired by my AVI friend Jeremy, who sent me a story and an ad for his blogg site. I've been wondering for ages how to set up a web site of my own - and now here (hopefully!) it is!

I'm still learning how to do all this, but hopefully will have a picture of me being a teacher (as seems appropriate for today) somewhere on this page - if you see a banana somewhere, you'll know I've succeeded!


At 3:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey miss connoly
Its me pala
I just found your I dont know what you call it
yeah its all cool
-atta boy-
love the pics


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