Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Return to Paradise... well, to Moresby anyway

Second day back at school, and it's been bucketing down all afternoon. There's something about heavy rain that makes you think that everything will just automatically stop, an instantaneous expectation of yay, we get to pack up and head home to snuggle up on the bed with a good book... Unfortunately it doesn't really happen that way in the real world, and the rain started hitting just at the moment when I had to leave my book, wash up my lunchplate, and flip flop back down to school. Registration day today, where we teachers had hour-about rotations of collecting and recording deposit slips from parents and students as they came to show they'd paid their school fees and so could enrol in class, starting Monday. It was a good chance to say hi to the kids again, and it was nice to get a lot of smiles from girls from last year. And it was better than sitting in staff meetings all day. But it's still not home, and I'm really missing that at the moment. Six and a half weeks is a long time to be back in Sydney - long enough to start calling it home and back here 'Moresby' again...

Give me a week or two and I'll be re-aquainted with Bomana, but I don't know how I'll settle back into that foam mattress after the luxury of a proper bed and sheets for over a month!

More soon...


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