Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Exam fever

Well tomorrow's the big day - the first Grade 10 National Exam - the Written Expression paper. I've really had it with marking and correcting past papers and am planning on going on strike as of tomorrow afternoon - no more marking for the rest of term. (Except the journals - I'd actually miss them. Well, some of them.)
I think I can manage a week of compulsory impromptu speeches (on the students' part, not mine! I never have any trouble with them!), especially as Friday will be the Athletics Carnival.

It took almost an hour today for the girls to organise their seats into position in the hall for tomorrow morning's exam. Seriously, how hard is it to line up pre-numbered desks into rows of 20? Apparently I'm wrong and it actually IS rocket science.

Let's hope the writing questions don't involve anything that needs consecutive numbering, or basic problem solving skills.

Gee, I really sound like a cranky school marm this evening, don't I?! You can almost see the steel frame glasses, tight little bun (sadly not buns) and wooden metre ruler being caned against desks...

Time for a nap I think


At 9:41 pm, Anonymous Smoffleboff said...

hope you survived the exams, straight lines and all, who'd have thought you would get so worked up about a little dissorganisation? it is rocket science, i've timed myself... 4 rows of 20 chairs and tables in an undefined area... 43 mins 23 sec including 2 mins for a glass of water and a tim tam.


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