Tuesday, October 05, 2004

election issues...

Well, it’s later on in the day, and we’ve just come out of an 8-or-so hour blackout. Was beginning to think we’d be going to bed in the dark. I don’t know what it is about Tuesdays (well, I have my suspicions), but blackouts always seem to happen on this day of the week.

Anyway, I did get into town to the High Comm, which was kinda exciting in itself coz I hadn’t been in there since our first week in Moresby, all those months ago (ANZAC Day doesn’t count because we were only in the courtyard). Then was led into a little room to vote, with about 4 other people who were in there for the same purpose – two of whom were from Leichhardt! Amazing that you can be so far from home and run into people who are from just around the corner from you (well, I was a Balmain girl for a while there, and Burwood kinda counts as inner-city too I think!). Actually, speaking of coincidences, what was even weirder was realizing that Widya, one of the AVI’s who came out with me in January, lived in the same street in Burwood as us, and remembered Andrew very well, even if she didn’t really remember me. Funny, huh?

As for the voting, well it didn’t take very long – I had a big grin on my face when I told the guy giving out the forms that I was in Bennelong, which was why I was making sure I didn’t miss out on putting my vote in… Was fun, actually – a nice little reminder of being an Aussie citizen – another thing that seems more important once you’re away from home.

So, here’s hoping I’ll be happy girl on Saturday night – have already warned Pia that chances are I’ll be in a really crabby mood.

Happy voting, people, and may we (finally) end up with a PM we can cheer for.


At 8:50 am, Blogger Nomad said...

God knows we need a new PM, let's hope they can do it and get up, it will make my year. The first federal election I voted in was the 96 one, when Howard got in. I think it is only fair then that we have a change.

Unforunatley I have no local polling booth in Lae, not like last time when I voted at Australia House in London with 22,000 other Aussie's (now that was weird - lining up around the building on a cold dark London night with some guy from Melbourne in front and a girl from Hervey Bay behind just to do our democratic duty).

Overseas postal votes as I have found out are a pain as I need to get forms filled in witnessed and mailed / faxed back and then they send me the ballot papers that I have to send back again, I think it will be all to late by then anyway. I'm in Sydney a safe labour seat, so hopefully it won't make too much difference.

At 10:30 am, Blogger Andrew said...

Hmmm interested what the ALP preference deals with the Greens plus their Tasmanian Forestry policy will mean. Certainly shores up the progressive preferences, but does it lose the working class vote in the unionised areas?

How good would a hung parliament with greens holding the balance of power be? Can only hope I guess...

And how can you be so surprised that Widya rmembers that charismatic young man so vividly? I've heard that he has that impact on many people...

At 5:55 pm, Blogger Ms Bomana said...

well, Mr Charisma, I think the real question is - do you remember her???? Hmmm


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