Sunday, October 24, 2004

Words of Wisdom

What do you do when your life turns to shit?
You run away to a tropical paradise...

that’s what the opening lines i just heard coming from the TV had to say - think it’s a new Oz Channel 9 series on EMTV.

reminds me of another favourite line from our AVI in-country conference, that I can't believe I'd forgotten to share. First night there, first night we'd all met up with each other since January, first time to meet a lot of others - lots of talk, some shyness, fair bit of get-to-know-you stuff. First night's activity was a Trivia night, testing what we know about PNG and AVI (a bit embarrassing for some of us - i.e. me - actually!)

In the AVI round, one of the questions was 'what's the motto/quote on the back of every copy of the AVI quarterly magazine?'.

(BTW, it's 'be the difference you want to see in the world' - either that, or be the change, I've forgotten which - all i remember is i got it wrong on the night and despite pleading my case that the sentiment was the important bit, not the actual wording, the pedants surrounding me refused us the point!)

Our newest AVI recruit , who's in his early 20s and had only been in the country a week or two, called out an immediate answer:

Escape your problems at home!

His second version of an AVI catch-cry was even better:

You're pregnant?!


At 2:26 pm, Blogger Nomad said...

Now you're making it seem like we are all running away from something. Hmmm ... perhaps we are! Though if I was running away, Lae would not have been the first choice. Tropical but not too much of a paradise ... if only there was a decent beach.

Brilliant catch-cry by Jason. I had almost forgotten that.

At 7:21 pm, Blogger Ms Bomana said...

yeah I don't think Moresby quite counts as paradise either...

and as for the running, well I'd rather be doing that than sitting still

and i don't think anyone could say we were doing that here!


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