Friday, October 08, 2004

One of the many photos from our Cultural Show at the start of Term 3. This is the only shot in 5 rolls of film where I actually have a starring role! Just didn't think of it at the time, which I really regret now. Also wish I'd had time to get a bit painted up too - would have been fun. These girls are from the Eastern Highlands Province, and just after this photo they all started dancing and singing around me (I'd shyly declined their offer to dance with them, so they figured they'd just do it around me instead!) - I couldn't understand what they were singing (it was in their Tok Ples - own langauge) but it got a lot of stares from passers-by! Lapieh (the girl 2nd on the left) who's one of my students had her mum with her, and she told me afterwards that they were singing all about me being their teacher Posted by Hello


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