Thursday, January 27, 2005

Lady Clark (the ammended version)

Posted by Hello Nan, Lin and Marg, dropping in for a latte in Manly. We went in December - one of Nan's longest drives since her stroke - not that we let her at the wheel! My first time driving the wheelchair, which i thought I was doing fairly successfully until Lin came racing up to help me get across the road (which admittedly was very busy). She clearly thought I wasn't going to make it across, so raced up to help heft from behind, thinking a bit of extra push would mean i was more likely to miss the car coming up towards us. I don't think it was in her plan to step on my thong and thereby make me lose my shoe in the middle of the road and nearly land on my face on the wheelchair... or was it???

(Ammendment requested by my [now hidden] auntie, whose sleeve I've left in as evidence that she was there that day too. Don't say I'm not responsive to clients!)


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