Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Big Quest!

Another photo from the Bring and Buy - this is Luther, and two of my girls. Pretty cute, huh?

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Oh yeah, and good news about the Miss Marianville Quest - my class have officially raised over a grand! We passed the thousand kina mark today, and i think we deserve a pat on the back for that. Whether it will be enough to put us in the running for the all-important Miss Charity title, I don't know - but we've got another 2 weeks of fundraising to go, and I reckon we should aim to double that figure.

We'll be screening a video this weekend as our next big money maker, and I'm thinking that Miss Congeniality 2 might be a goer - not quite as appropriate as the original in these circumstances, but will no doubt give the contestants a few grooming and gliding tips. They're currently having catwalk lessons a few afternoons a week!!! I kid you not - this place is hilarious! I just listened to a 15-minute monolgue this afternoon by a priest Pia and I visited about the difference between Miss World and Miss Universe, and the answers India's 2 contenders gave in 1994 and why one was chosen over the other, and the diamond-studded gown one rented from a prince in Saudi Arabia, and how much it cost to hire, and the fact that afterwards he gave it to her as a gift... and so on and so on. Whoever would have guessed beauty pageants would assume such an important role in my life (and in others) over here in PNG?


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