Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Last Day

Last full day in Madang… Trying not to think about that, Mum and I had planned to go to Jais Aben, a diving spot/hotel about 20 minutes down the road, that came highly recommended by everybody. We had planned to get Tommy the Taxi-man to drive us there and back again, but due to the heavy rain the past couple of nights the roads were too bad for the taxi, and he suggested we go to the dive centre, and get them to take us there by boat.

What a good suggestion! Going by boat was SO much more fun than by road – our “driver” was a lovely guy who acted as a tour guide, and we whipped along the water – totally different from our dinghy ride to Krankett!

When we got to Jais Aben, we hired snorkels and found the beach. After about 10 minutes Mum had the hang of the snorkel, and we set off to explore the underworld. It was so amazing – the fish were beautiful – so many colours and shapes and sizes. We found Nemo several times, as well as all the fish in the tank in our restaurant at the Resort, and so many others it was almost hard to belive. The water was a bit silty from all the heavy rain – I can only imagine how beautiful it would be normally. We loved it, and Mum had a ball. Another new experience to add to the list of adventures we managed together while she was here!

Our boat wasn’t coming back for another hour or so, so we lounged out on the pool chairs, and then wandered into the café for a coffee (guess who?!) and icecreams.

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Mum enjoying a rare treat after snorkeling at Jais Aben

Our trip back was even faster than the trip out. Lucky we’re both speed demons because we were just racing over the water, almost airborne at times and landing with huge thumps over the waves. We couldn’t stop grinning, silly smiles and the force of the wind squashing our faces into permanent squints!

We traveling back via some of the outer islands, and as promised we stopped at one right on the edge of the ocean, and I had a chance to swim again in the most beautiful clear turquoise water, while Mum explored the island’s edge. This was an uninhabited island (Pig Island) and the fringes as far as we could see were pure rainforest. It was amazing – like something out of “Where the Forest meets the Sea”. Mum was excited to find some beautiful cowrie shells to take home as keepsakes, and I just relished the water – still couldn’t get enough of it.

Pig Island, or Tab (the local name);Posted by Hello

Finally it was time to get back in the boat and cross the Bay for the last time, back to the Resort and a (almost) final round of gift-hunting in the Artifacts Shop and Tabari Haus.

The Last Supper was sad, but delicious – crab mornay and prawns – getting in one last fresh seafood meal, and enjoying the luxury of entrees as well as main courses. We retired to our room absolutely full to the brim, but not wanting the night to end. Luckily All Saints kept the emotions at bay! (Still can’t believe I’ve got Mum hooked on that show!)


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