Saturday, February 19, 2005

Hello Kitty

Well I was woken up at 5am this morning by little cries outside my window.

Our neighbour's cat had kittens a little while ago, and unbeknownst to me, Pia claimed one before everyone else did, thinking I'd like one of my own. Well I kind of had a mixed reaction at first because I wasn't sure that having a pet was such a good idea, especially a kitten, with so many dogs around - but look at her little face! How could I not love her?  Posted by Hello

I've tried unsuccessfully all day to try and get her to drink, but all she does is suck on my fingers. I think I'll have to take her back to Mrs Pilon and insist that she has another week or so with her mum before making her permanent home here - she's just so little. I had thought that last night when they told us to come and collect her, but they thought she was ready, and the idea of having her was just too hard to resist at the time! (I was down in the dumps after missing Emma's call by about 10 minutes, and either offending or not hearing from others via email; and was starting to sink back into that all-too-familiar miasma of misery - so to suddenly have something soft and purring in my arms seemed like too good timing to pass up)

But I think another week or two at her mama's sousou will make a big difference - and she might even grow enough to be able to walk across our verandah without stumbling into the spaces between the boards!
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In the meantime, it gives me more time to come up with a name for her. I don't think Pia's too happy with calling her Buai - but I'm afraid the name might have already stuck...
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At 3:11 pm, Blogger Coco said...

aww your new kitty is so cute!!

At 4:58 pm, Blogger Andrew said...

beetle nut??

At 6:40 pm, Anonymous JCD said...

You will be the second person I know to have a cat called Buai. Alex and Jonika's in town will be a namesake.


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