Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hitting Madang town

We saw more than just toast when we went to breakfast our first morning at the Resort. These men were carving totem poles, and we happy to let us watch for a while. They were amazingly intricate and elaborate carvings, and will probably replace many of the other poles around the resort that were starting to deteriorate in the weather. Posted by Hello

Then we hit the streets and walked to the markets and town for the first time. It was fantastic to be able to just walk freely along the street, wihtout worrying about safety or anything (not something I do often in Moresby). When we got to the marketplace, Mum was a bit hesitant, not liking markets much at the best of times - and I don't think you'd describe PNG markets as the cleanest or nicest! - but we survived. Went raun raun and checked out the baskets, bilums, meri blauses, necklaces, earrings etc, then went to the produce section. We stocked up on rice bags of kulau, peanuts bananas, lemons, pawpaw, sugarfruit etc - but then realised carrying them home could get a bit heavy... But those kulaus were definitely worth the weight - so big and so cheap!! Back home (Moresby)they cost 1 Kina each for tiny little coconuts that only give half a glass of liquid. These kulaus were about 30 toea each, and could fill 3 glasses of the delicious young coconut water. Definitely converted mum to them while we were there.

Went back to the Resort and jumped straight in the pool. We really need one of these at M’ville!!
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In the afternoon we headed up to the Resort's artifact shop. Mum got this gorgeous bilum, and I went back and got one with the same pattern but baby-size (ie can fit a baby in it, not baby as in tiny!)- for half the price! Think there was definitely something wrong there, but I'm not complaining! Posted by Hello


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