Thursday, June 30, 2005

The butterfly effect

Well, actually it's not so hard to see how storms in Sydney can impact upon the arrival of a visitor for me here in Port Moresby. Sadly, Johnson missed his Brisbane-POM flight due to a delay from Sydney, and arrived at Brissie just in time to see Air Nuigini taxiing down the runway. They knew he was coming and would be there any minute - he was checked all the way through and Qantas was on the case - but nogat - they wouldn't wait. I've said it before and I'll say it again - BLOODY AIR NIUGINI!!!

It's a bummer, because by the time he gets here tomorrow, the girls will have packed up and gone home for holidays. So much for judging the marching girls... Looks like I'll have to do that job on my own.

Ah well, Tufi awaits and maybe I'll organise to meet up with the girls at the Botanical Gardens sometime next week. It's not every day they get to meet an extremely tall, so-white-he's-blue guy, and I'd hate for him to come all this way and not see the reason I'm here.

Try again tomorrow.

* * * * *

And oh yeah - Daltron still buggered, so if I'm not emailing, you know why. Sori tru!


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