Monday, June 27, 2005

Overnight in Gabadi Village

Saturday was the big trip, my first time to a student's village to stay overnight. Mary had asked me to come to her place last year, but we'd had to cancel the visit at the last minute because of a death in her family, so this time I was determined to make it, no matter what!

We had planned for her dad to pick me up after midday, which was good because I was out late the night before at the dance (to be discussed at a later date). They arrived in the ute about 1.30, ready for the 1.5 hour journey down the Hiritano Highway to Gabadi village.

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The house we stayed in (Mary's uncle's), and the truck we travelled in.

Lunch on the verandah. Posted by Hello

Note the mug, which says "I love Buai" - Mary's aunty told her mum it said "I love sister", and was embarrassed at first to let me drink out of it when she realised what it said, but I insisted, and she ended up giving me on as a souvenier of the visit! (Baui is betel nut, the nut they all chew which with lime and mustard turns their mouths red.)

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The village, as seen from Mary's place.


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