Thursday, March 10, 2005

Remind me again why I'm here?

another wonderful day full of positive interactions with staff...

half of 10 Yellow had to write me 100 lines of "I will complete my homework for Ms Conolly" last night and hand it in today (guess why?)- and 3 girls still didn't do it!! (and then looked surprised when i gave them another 100 to do tonight, and even madder when I gave them yet another 50 because they did the first lot during my lesson, and tried to hand it in at the end of it)

had to tell my own class off because one of them had left a betel nut shell on the teacher's table (how stupid can you get?!) and their commerce teacher found it. (It's banned at school, and I'd told them just 2 days ago that I knew the boarders were getting day students to bring it to them, and they'd get in big trouble if found out.) So now that girl is writing me a page summarising the negative health and educational impacts of chewing buai (which she was just thrilled about!)

nearly got bitten by a Papuan Black while supervising grass cutting during work parade (that's a snake, BTW, not another potential suitor)

AND I've got night study tonight



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